Purely plant-based ingredients

Caf-Lib is natural alternative to coffee and is recommended for anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate their caffeine intake: pregnant or menopausal women; people suffering from a heart condition, upset stomach or sleeplessness; athletes and others looking for natural alternatives; children and teens for whom coffee is not suitable, etc. Caf-Lib is also an ideal coffee substitute for  people suffering from upset stomach and heartburn, rapid or irregular heartbeat (tachycardia), ulcers, insomnia, etc.

Caffeine has always been present in coffee, tea, cola, and chocolate. Today it is added in the preparation of several foods, beverages, medicines and even some cosmetics. Anyone who wishes to reduce their caffeine intake, can use Caf-Lib as a coffee substitute. Caf-Lib is composed of purely plant-based ingredients, including chicory. There are absolutely no chemicals or preservatives used in the production process. Caf-Lib is not decaffeinated: it is made from ingredients that never had caffeine to begin with and contains a small amount (about 1.6%) of organic acids coming from the grain used in the ingredients.

It is worth noting that Caf-Lib does not contain chlorogenic acid found in dark roasted coffee and coffee extract. Thanks to superior manufacturing and packaging practices which ensure its microbiological integrity, Caf-Lib requires no preservatives to maintain its freshness. Finally, the only sugar present is produced in minimal quantity by the grain itself during the malting process.

Throughout history, chicory has been celebrated for its digestive virtues. From the Ancient Greeks to the Egyptians, it was used to strengthen the heart and digestive tract, to relieve liver ailments (jaundice, colic, biliary stasis), urinary afflictions, hives, eczema, edemas or bruising and fever. The secret is in the fiber in chicory: it has prebiotic characteristics which stimulate the good bacteria in your intestinal flora! Furthermore, according to long-held beliefs AND recent clinical studies, chicory has a sedative effect which helps relieve sleep disorders, one of the most common side effects of caffeine.

Cereals and plants, the primary ingredients of Caf-Lib are first cleaned and roasted, then exposed to a water extraction process. The resulting extract is condensed and dried to a powder. Steam and water are then used to create tiny chunks with all the flavour and rich aroma sealed in. The Caf-Lib recipe is controlled at every stage of production, in compliance with ISO 9001 and the highest production standards.

How to transition from coffee to Caf-Lib

For those wishing to reduce their caffeine intake without side effects you can gradually replace your coffee with Caf-Lib—a natural and physically comfortable transition tailored to your lifestyle. Over a two-week period, gradually mix Caf-Lib to your daily coffee. Begin by using 3/4 coffee and 1/4 Caf-Lib. Gradually reduce the quantity of coffee and increase Caf-Lib until you are drinking purely Caf-Lib after 14 days.